Darkness can be read

"When we communicate with the works of Stoyan Kutsev we realize that hands are not tools for making things because the trace they leave behind is not just physical but first and utmost spiritual. The trace is an image traveling in time and in the beginning this image was heavy with mental experiences, relying on the intrinsic hidden essence of things and the potential of artistic matter. Later in the achromatic abstract painting the flat surface transforms into delicate volumes (Vital I, Vital II) and in the 'Monitor' series reaches the idea that darkness can be read. His paintings can be viewed from different angles; they suggest various points of view and lighting. They rely on the presence of an ambience and create ambience. They are gradually turning to themselves and becoming self-sufficient technological art marking the thin line between everyday life and virtual reality, drawing closer the two opposite sides of modernity on the field of great art."

Krasimir linkov, art critic

Video Performance '14 - '13

"Stoyan Kutsev still continues seeking and experimenting for to prove the opportunities of his creative potential and responsibility of his artistic choice."
Prof. Stanislav Pamukchiev

From the Mold to Clone | 2014 | Video Performance | Operator Vasko Vlasakov Plaster Cast Rusen Doykov


Process | 2014 | Video Performance | Photo Nedelian Neshev. Montage Vasko Vlasakov


Red | 2014 | Video Poster | Photo Nedelian Neshev Montage Vasko Vlasakov


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