abstract symbolization of infinity

"In the works of Stoyan Kutsev after the second millenium, increasingly often in the plastic and semantic structure are interwoven digits, letters, numbers, barcodes, signatures, indications of date or time - The signs of rationalism, pragmatism and digitization. These indications, imposed on the abstract canvas, of the picture move aside its high transcendental horizon, and draws him nearer to the truism and the concreteness of today. Thus the paintings are rather “inventory” exhibits, witnesses to something, that we have a vague memory, something that have lost its initial meaning and depersonalized. In the cycle “exhibits” on the symbolic indications of universal categories is imposed an “archived” imprint of a letter or digit. In “monotronics”, the four monochrome panels of the polyptych are dated in the order of the creation time. In the series “monitor”, the ordinary well-known digits of an electronic chronometer, set a specific time - hour, as if are paradoxically printed on a structured equal black - abstract symbolization of infinity and timelessness."

Prof. Stanislav Pamukchiev

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