The presence of earth

"In Stoyan Kutsev’s paintings one could see the presence of earth - three-dimensional, time withered, and heavy with scorched stubble-fields; stone with its iron veins - pounding as if part of the world’s blood flow; and rust - a spider-web, metal frost blossoming upon the body of the earth. This is the first layer in the ascending spatial structure of each of his works. The second layer is the one independent of earth’s gravity. It is the plastic texture of Kutsev’s canvases. These are the indispensable shapes reminding of a garden with alleys orderly arranged; tree boughs concealing the skies with sunrays shining through; together with the throbbing vibration of light. This layer seems to be hovering in the air, yet close to the earth. It is a spiritual substance materialized by means of monochromatic painting, a substance torn between the eternal earth gravity and the craving for heaven. The third layer is invisible. It is the sense of comprehensiveness and universalism. Stoyan Kutsev’s work is graded within the architectronics of objects, the structure of space, the monochromatic vision of painting ranging between white-to-black and brown-to-ocher. The plastic approach is grounded upon the concept of construction requiring aggressive shapes, and when implemented in the form of a relief, demands the presence of patina. It cracks open under the pressure of rust, breaks into pieces when touching the air, models the surface of shapes and puts the finishing touches to the work."

Svetla Moskova, Art Critic, Curator of Plovdiv Museum of Fine Arts

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